Kellisha Ostler


    WTS CO Chapter Scholarship
    (Molitoris Leadership Scholarship)


    Colorado Mesa University

Kellisha junior in civil engineering at Colorado Mesa University, she’s earning a CU Boulder engineering degree through the CU/CMU partnership.

I believe the mission of encouraging and supporting women interested in the transportation field to be the best part about WTS Colorado. As a woman, pursuing a career in a male-dominated industry allows me to be a role model for other women who may not see themselves in such a career. I have also volunteered in multiple events to promote STEM careers to a younger generation and inspire young women by setting an example and hope to continue doing so. The mission of WTS Colorado greatly aligns with my values, inspiring and supporting women. I chose Civil Engineering as my major because it aligned with my interests: artistic creativity and advanced mathematics. Through my internships I was involved in many different projects, but I was always drawn to the projects that dealt with transportation, from roads, to sidewalks, to highways. I have enjoyed all the courses that were specific to my major, but I enjoyed my Engineering Drawing class the most. The subject came easily to me and allowed me to help classmates work through any issues encountered. Working with a computer-aided design program has allowed me to be creative in my courses and in my career. My dream job would be designing roadway and transportation projects that make a difference in the community. I would prefer a good balance between office and field work in the transportation industry; I believe this will allow me to become a well-rounded engineer. My biggest inspiration is my professor, Ulises Techera, who has always encouraged me to work hard. On top of teaching a new generation of engineers, he is also a father of three, the advisor for our school’s Civil Engineering Club, and works as a consultant for two engineering projects out of state. He inspires me to strive for excellence every day. Since I live off campus, I have a 20-minute commute to school every day. I strive for efficiency and believe an energy efficient, fast vehicle with no speed limit and no stop lights would be the most efficient mode of transportation to and from my destinations as it minimizes fuel consumption and my travel time. The future holds the potential for technological advancements in transportation, so maybe one day flying cars or transportation tubes would allow us a more direct and more efficient mode of transportation. Living in Colorado has given me the perfect place to go hiking, camping, and rafting. Above all else, I love spending time with my family and my friends. I would love to vacation in Greece, for the history of the country, the architecture of the monuments, and the beautiful waters bordering the sandy beaches. After I graduate, I will begin working as a Civil Roadway Designer with Kiewit Corporation. I have interned with Kiewit these last two summers on transportation projects and I am very excited to begin my career in transportation with such a great company. I also hope to be involved in WTS and their Young Professionals group in the Denver area.


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