Hallie Groenewald


    WTS CO Chapter Scholarship
    (Junior College/Trade School Scholarship)


    Aims Community College

Hallie is pursuing an Associates of Applied Science and Commercial Pilot Certificate at Aims Community College, with an anticipated graduation of Summer 2021.

Hallie started out her career in aviation as a Flight Attendant, with encouragement from several Captains and First Officers she pursued her dreams of being a pilot. Hallie already holds her Private Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating and is halfway through her Commercial Pilot Certificate. Her dream job is to fly for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. When Hallie isn’t flying airplanes she enjoys snowboarding in the winter and riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle in the summer along with spending time with her dogs. She would also like to snowboard in Japan and relax in the Maldives, perhaps in the future she could get to these locations by her preferred mode of transportation in a flux capacitor or personal jetpack. Hallie is inspired by Jessica Cox, the world’s first licensed armless pilot. She respects Jessica for her accomplishments and positive outlook on life. After graduation Hallie plans on looking for a flying position, possibly flying pipeline in Texas. She may also receive her CFI and stay local to teach. If Hallie is flying she will be happy!


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