Luca Mueller


    Molitoris Leadership Scholarship
    (Undergraduate Scholarship)


    Metropolitan State University of Denver

Luca is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation and Aerospace at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Luca believes the best part of WTS Colorado is the support that it offers to women in the transportation field.  Since she was in middle school, she wanted to be a pilot, and it never occurred to her that it was such a male dominated field till late in high school. There are only 15% of females enrolled in our university’s aviation department, so they all stick together and help one another succeed. Her favorite course was FAA Instructor Cert-Ground School. Luca’s dream job is to fly corporate jets all around the world. When she eventually earns enough money, she would like to volunteer her time flying medical supplies or environmentalists around the world. In middle school, she read a lot of Amelia Earhart autobiographies, and fell in love with the way she persevered through life even though people told her she could never be a pilot. Her university has some very inspiring female teachers that I call my role models, including Erika Armstrong author of ‘Chick in the Cockpit’, Laura Braunschmidt and Dagmar Kress. When Luca flies, she can’t stop smiling when she sees the clouds reflected in the lakes and the people and cows that look like ants. Her favorite activity is flying (although it’s quite expensive), she also loves to ski and hike. She would love to visit Portugal. Luca plans to become a flight instructor for a few years and volunteer her time when she can. Then she plans to fly at a regional airline for a few years after that.


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