Lucy O'Sullivan


    WTS CO Chapter Scholarship
    (Jannet Walker-Ford Leadership Legacy Scholarship for Graduates)


    University of Colorado Denver

Lucy is a second-year student at University of Colorado Denver pursuing a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning

Lucy O’Sullivan grew up in Portland, Oregon where taking the bus or riding a bike were normal ways for her to get around the city. She has grown to appreciate multimodal transportation systems for their connectivity, flexibility, and access, and it was with this appreciation that she decided to pursue a Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning degree at University of Colorado Denver.

As a second-year student, she focuses her studies on transportation planning and its intersections with climate and equity, and is the Vice President of the WTS Colorado Student Chapter. She works as a research assistant with Dr. Manish Shirgaokar and Dr. Aditi Misra on projects related to transportation equity and access, such as the role of major transportation investments in gentrification and the experiences of people with disabilities who rely on paratransit. Lucy also interns with the City of Boulder’s Transportation Planning Department where she works on design and engagement for the city’s Core Arterial Network. After she graduates this spring, she aims to continue working in the transportation planning field to build equitable and people-first transportation systems. 


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