Mikayla Oligney


    WTS CO Chapter Scholarship
    (Undergraduate Scholarship)


    Colorado School of Mines

Mikayla is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, with an anticipated graduation date of December 2021.

The idea of community, inclusiveness, and mutual support is what she loves most about WTS. She believes there are hundreds of industries that shape the world we live in, but there are very few that do it as tangibly as transportation engineering. Her favorite class taken so far has been environmental engineering. She enjoyed this class because it looked at real world problems and gave her the theory and tools to solve them. Grace hopes to eventually work as a project manager for community and urban planning. Historical figures like Katherine Johnson and Mary Jackson inspire her. These women were the first in their fields and did incredible things like send the first astronauts into outer space. She has always loved trains since she was a little kid, anytime she got to ride the light-rail it was always such a fun adventure. Her preferred mode of transportation would be a bullet train. These trains are so interesting and have so much potential to be the future mode of transport. She loves to hike, bike, ski and explore the incredible state of Colorado. Grace would like to visit Italy and Greece for their architecture. She would love to see the coliseums in Greece and museums in Italy. She would also like to hike to Machu Picchu in Peru. Grace hopes to join the peace corps and do some humanitarian work for a couple of years before settling down and taking an engineering job.


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