Angy Casamento

Angy Casamento is a senior engineer/project manager in Denver, Colorado, with more than 16 years of experience in the design of highways, streets, intersection improvements, roundabouts and trails. Her career in transportation has also included the preparation of construction plans, specifications and estimates for a wide variety of clients, including CDOT, RTD, Adams County, Jefferson County, Clear Creek County, Central Federal Lands, E-470 and the City and County of Denver.

Angy has been actively involved with the Latinas First Foundation over the past eight years, which celebrates and elevates the Latina community by focusing on the cultural and historical contributions of Latinas in Colorado while providing opportunities and resources for the next generation of Latinas. The organization provides scholarships, mentorship, and networking opportunities for high school and college students. Their motto is “Girls Can Be What They Can See.”

She has been involved in WTS for 15 years. Through social events, Angy reaches out to young engineers and serves as a resource for them as they begin to navigate their careers. Angy encourages young women to be their own advocate and to never be afraid to use their voice.


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