Ayanna Reed


    WTS CO 2020 Scholarship
    (Graduate Scholarship)


    University of Colorado at Denver

Ayanna is pursuing a Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Colorado, at Denver, with an anticipated graduation date of December 2021.

Ayanna believes the best part about WTS Colorado is the extensive support that is provided to advance women professionally.  She appreciates the mentoring program because she is inspired by women that can assist in developing her leadership and professional skills through sharing their knowledge. She hopes she will have the opportunity to be a mentor to other women in transportation as she advances in her career. Growing up New York, Ayanna relied heavily on public transportation to travel to school and work. This helped her see the positive impact transit can have on accessibility and mobility in communities. Therefore, knowing that the work she does in transportation has a real impact on a community to access goods, services, and opportunities is what inspired her to choose this profession for her education. “Planning Profession” taught by Professor Ken Schroeppel was fascinating for her because that course gave her the opportunity to speak with practicing transportation planners about their professions. Her dream job is to practice Gender-Inclusive Urban Planning and Design in the United States and internationally. Ayanna is inspired by Jane Jacobs because of her community-focused approach to building neighborhoods. Her preferred mode of transportation would be the light rail. She enjoys fishing, traveling internationally, backcountry hiking, and trying new foods. If Ayanna could travel anywhere in the world she would like to travel to Lisbon, Portugal. After graduation, she looks forward to continuing her career with the Federal Transit Administration.


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