Maryam Alahmar


    WTS CO Chapter Scholarship
    (Graduate Scholarship)


    Colorado School of Mines

Maryam is pursuing a PHD in Civil Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, with an anticipated graduation date of August 2022.

Maryam is looking forward to expanding her network in the transportation industry and meeting awesome people through WTS. Her love for trains started from a young age, she would see television shows with metros, subways, and light rails and always wished to have such a system in Iraq (the country she is originally from). The University Transportation center for underground Transportation infrastructure (UTC-UTI) was among other reasons that motivated her to apply to School of Mines and start the journey in geotechnical engineering with underground and tunneling focus. She wants to be a successful Civil Engineer, get involved in big and effective projects that serve humanity, and work with engineering industry leaders and learn from them. She would like to go back to academia and pass all the knowledge she has gained from real world projects to students. Maryam’s role model is her mom who inspires her every day. Her mom raised five children during very hard times of war and economic recessions. Maryam’s perfect world is the world where the civilization is in harmony with nature. She believes we still have the chance to some extent to keep building and developing the civilization while we are preserving nature. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and cooking. She would love to visit Spain to visit the Madrid subway, the second largest underground system in Europe and the sixth largest system in the world. She’s planning to start an industrial career as a tunneling engineer in one of the companies that is specialized in underground construction and tunneling. Maryam would like to be part of this industry and work with other leading women engineers to encourage the younger generation of women and girls to enter this field.


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