Kyra Frank


    WTS CO Chapter Scholarship
    (High School Scholarship)


    Denver East High School

Kyra is a senior at Denver East High School, with a graduation date of May 2021. She has been accepted to Colorado School of Mines and plans to attend in Fall of 2021.

Kyra believes WTS’s investment in helping young girls get involved in fields that women have historically been rare in is great. Kyra’s ability to make a positive impact on the environment by pursuing a career in transportation is why she chose this career path. Her favorite course has been physics because it’s a combination of math and science, both of which she loves, and she finds it super interesting to apply physics to the real world. Kyra’s dream job is to be an engineer at a bike company. Female enduro mountain bike racers inspire Kyra. These women tend to not only be amazing athletes in a sport that women are rare in, but also super smart and dedicated. Kyra’s preferred mode of transportation is bicycles, not only are they a super green form of transportation, but are also super fun and can provide a great workout. Kyra is passionate about mountain biking, she finds it to be fun, has a great community, and helps her get outside. Aside from mountain biking, she also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, anything involving animals, and working out. If she could vacation anywhere in the world she would visit British Columbia. BC has some of the best mountain biking in the world, and is absolutely beautiful. Kyra will be attending Colorado School of Mines to pursue a degree in Engineering, and after that she hopes to work as an engineer for a bike company or another company that’s creating green modes of transportation. She hopes to continue racing bikes while doing so.


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