Paige Dimodica


    WTS CO Chapter Scholarship
    (High School Scholarship)


    DSST Montview High School

Paige is a senior at DSST Montview High School, with a graduation date of August 2021.

The best part about WTS Colorado is that it gives women in the field of transportation the ability to connect and make relationships with like-minded women. Paige wants to be involved in the transportation industry because it is such an integral part of our society. She wants to help build infrastructure for future generations. She’s really enjoyed her AP Physics class this year because of how all the concepts can be applied in real life, also how the answers to problems are so straightforward and logical. Ideally, she would like to be a roadway engineer, but would be happy with any job involving civil engineering and infrastructure. Her mom and dad are my biggest inspiration. They are so successful and they work so hard for her family every day. Her preferred mode of transportation would be a car, the idea of the open road has always appealed to Paige. She enjoys riding her leased horse Zip, reading, drawing, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends. Her favorite vacation is going to Disneyland, she has always been so fascinated seeing the history and details put into the park. She and her family visit Disneyland annually and she enjoys the atmosphere and finds it to be joyful. After graduating high school, Paige will be attending the Colorado School of Mines where she plans to major in civil engineering. She hopes to eventually receive a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and go on to become a roadway engineer.


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