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    Engineering, program management / construction management


“We want to make sure our company reflects the communities we serve…” says Marvin L. Thomas, CEO

From the day Triunity opened its doors, a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and inclusion has guided the growth of what is now a 70+ person firm, providing engineering and program management /construction management (PM/CM) services for some of the nation’s most challenging transportation and infrastructure projects.

Brothers Jonnie Thomas, PE, and Marvin Thomas founded the company in Denver in 2003. Their parents started as sharecroppers on a cotton plantation in Mississippi before moving their family of three children (including Jonnie, the second oldest) to Kansas where the next four children were born (including Marvin). Jonnie and Marvin are both Kansas State University graduates, earning Electrical Engineering degrees, and veterans of the U.S. Air Force. “Our dad had a ninth-grade education and our mom a fifth-grade,” Jonnie said. In the then segregated South, there was no way to advance beyond that with the “black” high school being over 20 miles away from where they lived. “But Dad really prized education. He never said how we could go to college, just when. He taught us that there may be folks smarter than you, but they can’t out work you.”

The motivation they received growing up is evident in the leadership and hiring approach at Triunity.  The company is dedicated to promoting growth for all employees, both professionally and personally, and making positive impacts in the communities in which our employees and clients live. Every new candidate is considered for not just how they satisfy the specific requirements of the position but also how they will add value to the culture as a peer and a human being.

While Triunity grows in numbers, expertise, and geographic coverage, our mission and vision remains the same. We strive to maximize the development of our team members and other MWBE firms in a way that benefits our clients and local communities.


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