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    Employer of the Year






“It’s rewarding to know that our team is being recognized. I’d like to emphasize that we are a team; a team of extraordinary people” says Gary Johnson.

EST, Inc. is proud of all the radical support it has offered its employees in a crisis where women and  minorities have seen a disproportionately negative impact on their careers. 

Where other firms decided to cut staff, EST hired. Where other firms sliced training budgets, EST began  providing paid monthly training opportunities. Where other firms brought more of their work in-house,  EST, Inc. reached out to our MWBE/SBE sub-consultants with teaming opportunities. Flexible hours and  work-from-home are encouraged as COVID rages on. EST knows this will protect the health of  

employees, and it has the added benefit of flexibility for those most affected by school closures and  additional care responsibilities brought on by the crisis. 

The firm celebrates diversity in every aspect of business-hiring, professional development, marketing, and project delivery. 

One of the ways EST encourages employees to grow is by reimbursing for memberships in professional organizations and actively promoting their events. WTS is a favorite, but we also boast members of the  American Indian Chamber, Hispanic Chamber, Hispanic Contractors, Black Chamber, African American  Contractors Association, Asian Chamber, Woman’s Chamber, the American Council of Engineering  Companies, American Public Works Association, and other local Chambers of Commerce. Membership in  these organizations provides our staff the opportunity to know and work with a broad range of service providers to enhance our team. 

In these organizations and in project proposals and marketing materials, we enjoy providing graphics  and information that are representative of our team. EST, Inc.  is also completely transparent about who is working on each project and makes DBE goals a top priority. We are happy to report that most of our Colorado projects include a woman in a key team member role, and the number of projects led by a female project manager has risen, as well.


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