HDR Engineering, Inc.

HDR is an expertise-driven, national firm that delivers tailored solutions through a strong local presence. We have been providing services in Colorado since 1957 and have over 500 staff in the state, of which 176 are transportation employees.

HDR has created a work environment both virtually and in-person that supports connectivity, community, and collaboration which has helped our organization and employees thrive through personal and professional growth and work/life balance. There is support at all levels of the organization for employees to balance challenges at both home and work, with flexibility to adapt to each individual’s needs. This approach is both mindful and deliberate about the work we do and the clients we serve; and has been very positive, intentional, and reflective of the HDR culture.

HDR’s Colorado transportation group has several women who are officers, hold national roles, and are formally recognized as experts in their field. HDR women have project management and principal roles on major transportation projects and initiatives. Our Officer Program recognizes those who embody HDR values, demonstrate sound business judgment, and consistently exceed expectations. There are four women that are HDR company officers in Colorado transportation. Our Professional Associates Program recognizes employees who are technical or creative experts in their chosen career fields. And, our Associate Program recognizes individuals who display high standards of personal and professional conduct and show extraordinary potential for advancing in technical, creative, or business careers. There are three HDR Professional Associates and Associates that are women in Colorado transportation.


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