Adrina Gibson

Adrina Gibson joined the City and County of Denver’s Denver Economic  Development and Opportunity (DEDO) in 2019 serving as the Director of the Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO). In this role, she leads DSBO’s key program areas: Certification, Business Utilization,  Contract Compliance, Forensic/Investigation, Strategic Development and Community Engagement/Outreach programs. Fostering a more equitable playing field on public contracts, DSBO encourages and advocates for the utilization of small and disadvantaged businesses on construction projects, professional services projects, and for the procurement of goods and services, as well as local concessionaire opportunities. 

Gibson leads a dynamic and passionate team that supports the growth, capacity and sustainability of  small, disadvantaged, minority and women-owned businesses. Most notably, under Gibson’s leadership,  DSBO: 

  • Received a unanimous vote from Denver City Council to reauthorize the revised DSBO Ordinance;  this law prevents discrimination, maximizes opportunities and builds equity for small,  disadvantaged, minority and women-owned businesses 
  • Adopted Rules and Regulations of the programs it oversees as additional guidance of the DSBO  Ordinance 
  • Implemented and administers the Citywide Mentor Protégé Program and Bridging the Gap to  provide strategic development to small businesses  
  • Oversees compliance oversight of nearly $100 million worth of city contracts that are awarded  annually to certified small, disadvantaged, minority and women-owned businesses. 
  • Facilitates the convening of city agency executive leadership and the Mayor’s Office through the  Business Equity Leadership Team (BELT) to operationalize key priorities of the small business community.  

Prior to joining the City and County of Denver, Gibson worked at the Regional Transportation District (RTD)  as the Manager of the Small Business Office, whereby she devoted her leadership to economic development, civil rights, community activism, and capacity growth of small and disadvantaged  businesses. After starting out as an intern, she served 12 years in a variety of positions within the Small  Business Office of RTD’s Civil Rights Division, as a manager, consultant, and DBE/SBE project manager.  

As a Denver native, she is dedicated to the community she serves. Gibson’s passion for her community  began early in life while in high school she interned several summers at the Metro Chamber of  Commerce’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), while in college conducted research and civic  engagement projects on social constructs affecting women and minorities and today volunteers to assist  underserved communities. 

Gibson holds a B.A. in Sociology from Regis University. She has also earned the DBE Program Certification from the National Transit Institute as well as Certified Compliance Administrator (CCA) Certification and  Master Compliance Administrator Certification from the American Contract Compliance Association  (ACCA). 

Outside of her public service, Adrina also feels very fortunate and blessed to be a daughter to parents  who provided such an enriching life; a wife to a supportive, loving, and motivating husband; and mother to the most vivacious little lady that will change the world one day. 


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