Lou Davenport

Lou Davenport is an accomplished professional engineer who has been a part of the transportation industry for 20 years, focusing on traffic engineering and technology. During his education in west Michigan, Lou’s desire for inclusivity led him to learn of the systemic barriers and inequities many people experience in transportation and seek ways to make the industry more inclusive.

Since moving to Colorado, Lou has played a key programmatic role in advancing technology in transportation throughout the Front Range, including supporting CDOT on all the major deployments of Active Traffic Management and tolled express lanes. He remains an active member of several transportation-related professional organizations and serves as a mentor for both WTS and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). Lou also holds various other professional committee responsibilities, including the Colorado Transportation Symposium planning. Four years ago, Lou combined his love of engineering and passion for mentoring to found IronStride Solutions.

Lou and his wife, Hannah, have four children … three of whom are girls and all of whom want to be engineers. In his career and at home, Lou strives to foster the current and future environment for women and minorities in transportation engineering while supporting the breakdown of barriers wherever he can.


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